Commonly Used Sneaker Twitter Acronyms


Have you ever been on Twitter, Reddit or some other forum and didn’t understand what they were saying due to their acronym usage? No, we aren’t talking about LOL or TTYL, but other acronyms such as OOP, or ADC, or LC. Sure, some of those words are easy to rationalize, but others are not. In case you have been looking for a good source to understand a good chunk of them, you’ve stumbled across the right place. I’ll try to dissect as many of the common acronyms that I can imagine for you. They are below.

.py – A file extension type. Associated with the programming language python. More information can be found here

ADC – Adidas Dot Com /

ATC – Add to Cart

ACO - Auto Checkout

BD/bd – Backdoor. A method that allows a user to purchase a shoe before it’s live on the site to other users

BIN – Buy it Now

Client ID – A unique identifier that allows access to viewing specific information on Usually needed to view stock numbers for a particular product

Cookie – Data from a website that is often stored on a client side computer. If someone is talking about cookies, they are most likely referencing and bypassing the splash page

Cop – To purchase, or to buy. ‘I just copped a new pair of Yeezys’

DS – DeadStock. Shoes that are new, unworn and in perfect condition. Never touched the floor

FSR – Full Size Run

Ghost Order – Associated with Supreme. During times of high load, the site can’t handle a lot of the traffic and a successful purchase is not followed by an order confirmation

GR – General Release. Essentially shoes that have no resell value

GS – Grade School

HMAC – A unique identifier that is generated on a per-user basis. Needed in addition with sitekey to bypass splash pages

LC – Legit Check

Monitor – An account or site that watches stock, or pages looking for an update. Usually sends some sort of feedback in the form of a posted or tweeted link

NDS – Near Deadstock

NIB – New in Box

OBO – Or Best Offer

OOP – Give to someone for retail

PID – Another unique identifier referring to a specific product. Usually more general than a variant and refers to the shoe itself

PM – Page Monitor. Same as ‘Monitor’ above

Proxy – An internet tool used to anonymize your internet traffic

Python – A programming language often referenced and used by some for data extraction and manipulation

Raffle – A method of selling that allows users to purchase entries to get a shoe for less than resell price. There is typically a 10 slot limit and a livestreamed drawing that takes places which a winner is randomly picked

Satty – Another entry form for a raffle. It’s essentially a raffle for the raffle. Cheaper, but harder to get into the main raffle from it

Scraper – A tool to pull data, links or other information from a website

Scripts – Computer programs written in some language to perform a specific task

Server – A computer designed with more power and networking capabilities than a normal consumer grade machine

Sitekey – A unique identifier that is tied to the sitekey on 

Solemartyr – A user that is known for his scripts and open sourcing them

Subnet – A large group of addresses. A group that contains an IP network that shares similarly grouped IPs

TL/tl - Timeline

Variant – A unique number that is assigned to a specific shoe. This number is different for each size of the specified shoe. Each shoe and its size has a variant that can easily identify the exact model and size

Washed – Someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Used to describe someone who is incompetent or dumb

WTB – Want/Where to Buy

WTS – Willing to Sell

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