Q: What is the sneaker bible?

A: The Sneaker Bible is a digital guide created with the intention of teaching and empowering users. It is the largest written work describing and detailing the reselling game in easy to understand language. It breaks down all aspects of reselling from your initial start, to buying, to selling and more. If you've ever wanted to get into reselling, this is your chance to learn from start to finish.

Q: Why do I need the sneaker bible?

A: If you're new to reselling or you've simply been struggling to be successful, The Sneaker Bible will be your tool to guide you to success. Among many things that are included, you get easy to understand explanations of everything you need to be successful, step-by-step guides on methods you didn't know existed before, and much more.

Q: if I buy, am I guaranteed to be SUCCESSFUL?

A: That is something that cannot be guaranteed because people see success very differently from one another. If you're interested in seeing what some users have accomplished with The Sneaker Bible then take a look at our customer success page. You could be on there one day.

Q: Do you update The sneaker bible?

A: Yes! The Sneaker Bible has seen various updates since it was created back in 2016! It's seen a few different re-writes, large revisions, small revisions and everything in-between. It's constantly being improved and it's always being updated with new and interesting content for resellers.

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Q: Do you use an affiliate link program?

A: Yes, I do occasionally link products and services through the use of affiliated links via VigLink.

Q: Do you accept donations?

A: Yes! Feel free to donate below. Thank you.