The Sneaker Bible
The Sneaker Bible Accessible

Easily Accessible

The Sneaker Bible is provided to you through Google Documents. This increases readability and portability. Read it on your computer, tablet or phone.

The Sneaker Bible Updates

Lifetime Updates

Because you get access forever, all updates that are made to the document are available to you almost instantly after being published.

The Sneaker Bible Aggregated

Aggregated Info

You're getting the largest aggregation of reselling related content available anywhere. There is no other source comparable in length and knowledge.


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Highlights Include...

The Sneaker Bible Quick

the quickest opportunity to jumpstart your career as a reseller

The Sneaker Bible Concise

The most concise written Commentary of using modern tools to get what you want

The Sneaker Bible Investment

your first valuable investment to help you avoid other costly investments

The Sneaker Bible Focus

helps you focus on what it takes to be successful in the reselling market


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